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FRP s ReactiveCocoa na mDevCamp 2015

mdevcamp je za nami, slajdy z mojej prednasky stahujte z linku FRP with ReactiveCocoa at mDevCamp 2015 slides
github repo so sample projektom

Traveller lyric video

I’ve done this clip for my friends from Holotropic ( Their debut album is out 27/10/14. It’s my first shot at lyrics videos in general, I *might* make some more in the future, who knows.

pretty thingiez..

Not all those who wander are lost.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Beautiful photos (by Ronald Roberts)

OS X Apptime Revisited (Nov 2011)

Ok so I’ve got some new additions to my collection:

espresso – text editor for the web, I used to hate it but current 2.x version is just sweet; has the best .css editor as well (formet CSSEdit I believe)
Boxer – wrapper app for Dosbox. I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t help to like it
CodeBox – collects my code snippets for later use, use fn+cmd+F12 combo to summon search bar anytime and paste code immediately – I used this tiny app once to batch edit EXIF, where Aperture just couldn’t do the job
Sequel Pro – great front-end client for MySQL

– still can’t find a food alternative for MS Visio, so I have to run it from within Paralels… advise in comments if you have a better idea.

iTunes widget missing in OS X Lion

for some reason the iTunes control widget is missing in the latest Mac OS X iteration, if you miss it like I did, just download it from here and install.