Memory layout on iOS

Clean code

CocoaPods starting Podfile for iOS

CocoaPods is a library management tool for Xcode (iOS/OSX) projects. If you don’t use it already, you should!

Here’s my Podfile which includes libraries I use most of the time:

slooowly getting there…

delegates, notifications, blocks and channels

there was a heated discussion on twitter recently regarding the usage of either delegates or blocks to communicate between objects – and I think this article sums up some of the scenarios pretty nicely

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Graphing with PHP

graphing with php

graphing with php

a few months ago I had a chance to work on a small project with my pal Juan ( Basically, this app allows you to adjust (meaning – increase and decrease amount of elements) a simple input form, which will then graph the ratio of elements on a pie chart, graph chart or produce an .xml file with your results. Graphs are being returned back to the page using AJAX as .PNGs, so the entire drawing takes place in a back-end php script.

to get a better picture what the app does check out at Graphing charts with PHP. the code is available on Github

the form ‘control panel’ is on the left. it allows for adding and removing rows, as well as changing the desired output by clicking on the “pie” button (twice for xml).

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